People love our chairs!

Good for my height. Keeps weight off of my knees. Comfortable for prolonged sitting.
These meditation chairs are the best! I use mine everyday and not just for meditation. They are so comfortable I can't get enough.
Andrew Brislin
These meditation chairs will transform your meditation practice & life! These meditation chairs multiple uses and make a beautiful addition to your home : )
Amberosia Phala
This arrived extremely quickly-- 2-3 days after I place my order. It is gorgeous, just like the picture. It created a space for meditation that did not really exist in my home. I used it last night and it works just as described 🙂 Thank you!!
Tara Goshorn
Quality, detailed and exquisitely made! Simply Beautiful! It's an eye catcher from the moment you walk into my meditation space. Swift shipping too! 🙂 10 stars and more!! Thank you so much!
Michelle Martin
Just received The Beyonder and I have to say that it is the best meditation bench that I have ever used. I have bad knees due to sports related injuries that have forced me to use a chair to meditate up until this point since I cannot sit cross-legged on the ground for an extended period of time without severe pain. The Beyonder sets me up just high enough so that the stress is greatly reduced on my knee joints and also sets my spine in the proper alignment for meditation. The construction and quality of build are also excellent!
I absolutely love my ascendant meditation chair! I've used it regularly in my hypnotherapy practice in NYC during sessions with clients and have recommended them highly when my clients ask about them.
Joan T.
Beautiful!! Custom fabric was ordered and sent out. I love the way our two meditation benches turned out. Very comfy and great for extended sessions!... Wonderful job and detail work!! I will be siting pretty during my mediation sessions in Boulder! Namaste'
I love my meditation chair so much! As a certified meditation instructor I would highly recommend this for meditation chair both beginners and advanced practitioners. Especially wonderful for meditating outdoors without getting your meditation cushion dirty! They are made with such care and good energy as well, and this comes through using it!
Dana Kingsbury
I love my meditation cushion. I have shopped around for many and not only is this one super comfortable, it is also visually pleasing. I highly recommend getting one. Having the right meditation cushion is so important to deepening your meditation practice and I'm so happy that I found Ascendant Meditation. Cheers!
Betsy Ansara
So beautiful - better than I had expected! So glad I ordered this meditation bench. Can't wait to tell my friends about this! Thank you!
Kristin, Etsy user
I love my Ascendant bench! I'm a Buddhist and chant at least an hour a day plus morning and evening gongyo. I am soooo comfortable when I use it. I hardly move around at all and find I am more focused as I am in a comfortable position and not thinking about legs cramping, etc. I have already recommended it to several friends. Also, my bench was made to order and shipped quickly. I couldn't be happier.
Maizelle Morrissey
As always, the item arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. This is the perfect meditation chair to use as a regular chair. I am very happy with my purchase and will be referring others....
Ann Kerrigan
The Zafutoper meditation cushion is awesome. I got two of them and I keep them near my couch. It's like a little comfortable pillow-table that is so convenient for laying a book or computer in your lap. My girlfriend keeps her laptop on hers all the time. And I love how it doubles as a zafu cushion for sitting/meditation or when you have friends over and need an extra seat. Totally light. Totally great. Five stars.
My meditation chair puts me right into a comfortable and relaxing pose. It has truly become a part of my life, as I retreat to it several times a day for rest and restoration. I would highly recommend this meditation chair made by the amazing Sasha to anyone. Definitely one of the most valued purchases I have ever made in my life.
Cydney Justman
I received the Reflektor meditation cushion as a Christmas gift and could not be more thrilled with it. I have not been able to comfortably kneel because of a knee injury, but this meditation cushion takes the pressure off and puts my body in balance for very productive meditation. Thank you so much for creating this tool!
Sara Wendt
Perfect! Great communication and wonderful product. I have pain, and this helps me sit upright and meditate much more freely. The seller was wonderful to work with, and helped me choose which meditation chair would help me the most. Thanks so much!
This meditation chair is the shizzle! It's helping me establish a home meditation ritual. Its unique design allows me to sit in comfort without distraction of any back or leg pain. I recommend Ascendant Meditation Chairs to anyone looking to start or improve their meditation practice.    
Megan Carr
Thank you!! I LOVE my meditation chairs! This is the 4th one I've purchased and it is, like the others, absolutely amazing. These are not only good for meditation but also for any time you want to sit on the floor, or ground, and still be comfortable. This particular chair is my favorite of his designs (I have the Awakener, the Transcendant, and one other Pivotal - and I now have a meditation center 🙂 I got his Zafutopers for everyone in my family this past Christmas and they all said they were the best present they got. I still get thank you messages from them thanking me because they are so useful (and beautiful as I chose some really great upholstery fabrics). These are wonderfully made, and look great in my meditation room. They have helped my practice by allowing me to finally sit in a meditation pose comfortably.
Ashly Hara
I am happy that I found this meditation chair. It will help me make meditation more of a habit in my life. I can't believe how quickly I received this. I love it!
Erin Higgs
I own two Ascendant Meditation chairs and I use them everyday. I really started to use them after I injured my back at work and was having trouble finding a place to sit that didn't cause me pain. These meditation cushions did just the trick. Their small size has been absolutely perfect for creating an intimate meditation space in my small bedroom to boot. As prefab becomes more and more prevolent, it feels great to know that someone is out there handcrafting a product that is both beautiful and functional. I love my meditation chairs.
Lewis Neeff
These mediation chairs are very mindfully made with beautiful craftsmanship. I can still for long periods of time, completely comfortable in my posture and circulation. I have brought my meditation chair with me to mediate circles and everyone Loves it! Having this meditation tool has certainly been helpful in my meditation practice and allowed me the comfort to mediate more frequently. ~ with Much Gratitude ~
Gretchen Centauri
Exactly what what presented, and more! Great quality item and highly recommended for those who meditate, especially given the ability to customize the design. Very happy with purchase.
Candice Mason