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Please scroll down and see what brocade and home decor designs we offer!

Custom Fabrics

We believe that having a perfect fabric and colors for your meditation cushion affects the mood in preparation for meditation and also compliments over house decor. That is why we are offering to build you a meditation cushion with your chosen design, and you can send us one yard of your fabric choice per chair, directly from manufacturer or supplier!


Our receiving address:

Ascendant Meditation
1155 35th St Apt 2
Boulder CO 80303

Please send us an email regarding your change order fabric about the meditation cushion, after you have purchased the chair from Shop section.


Brocades: Please note that you can choose any of the four brocade combinations for your meditation cushion.

The wider part of the brocade on the photos represents the seat, and narrower brocade on the photo represents the trim.(Black, white, blue, and red. )

IMG_2838Beyonder Meditation ChairPivotal Meditation ChairTranscendant Meditation ChairAscendant Meditation Chair


w-w w-b w-bl w-r

b-b b-w b-bl b-r    

r-r r-w r-bl r-b   

bl-bl bl-b bl-w bl-r

Home Decor:

Home Decor: Here are the 24 different Home Decor fabrics that we offer. We noticed that the Home Decor meditation cushions look better on just one type of home decor fabric, so that is why we are offering just one choice for each meditation cushion. The seat and trim of your meditation cushion would come in just one home decor design.


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